Flash Fiction
June 8, 2013

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

The six word short story above has been widely attributed to Hemingway. In celebration of Flash Fiction Day on June 22, I’m going concise.

Flash fiction is a tiny bite. The shortest of short stories. As much as a 1,000 words, some only 100. No time to set scenes, to build characters. Understated and subtle, less will always be more. A mere glimpse of a time. Like Michelangelo, sculpt to the bare necessities. Write long, go short.

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The Don'ts of Website Design
June 3, 2013

Your Website is not Barbie

It’s not JUST there to look pretty. Barbie’s nice and sells well for Mattel but pretty and empty is not what you’re aiming for is it?

Ahhh, the do’s and don’ts of website design. No matter how many times designers repeat themselves, some people just don’t listen to us. – Read More –

Are you staying ahead of the curve? Internet Trends
June 1, 2013

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The month of May saw the famous Internet Trends Report released, CNTRL ALT Delete published and Mark Coker’s Smashwords Study released. Why would I group the three of them together here?  Because both business and authors need to be aware of the rapidly changing playing field in order to adapt and succeed.

Tablet sales outstripped desktop PCs in the 2012’s last quarter and mobile traffic now makes up 15% of the global internet traffic. The first is great for authors, the more people who use tablets the better, they also need to know how the internet is changing if they’re to leverage it. The second is a need to know for business. – Read More –

The Art of Thank You pages
May 31, 2013

The Art of Saying Thank You

I’m sure your mother mentioned it when you were growing up, didn’t she? You always had to say ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’ and if you didn’t, you’d get a little nudge to remind you. If that didn’t jog your manners, you’d hear… “SAY ‘please’.”

The web is a place where thank you should be more important than please. If you read our post about landing pages, then you know you should be focused and single minded when it comes to selling your product or service. And after your visitor has graciously clicked, what do you say?

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eBook Daily Deals
May 30, 2013

eBook Daily Deals

eBook daily deals and Flash sales have hit the eBook market with a bang. From Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals to Bookbub, the Nook’s Daily Find and Book Gorilla, emails are landing in inboxes loaded with the best eBook deals of the day, both  discounted and free for those readers savvy enough to sign up.

According to The New York Times Denis Lehane’s thriller Gone, Baby, Gone published in 1998, sold only 23 ebook copies on one day in May but when offered as a Kindle Daily Deal it sold 13,071 copies on the day of the promotion. Earlier this year, a crime novel by author Lorena McCourtney was included as a Nook Daily Find and the sales propelled it onto The New York Times best-seller list.

So where does that leave the indie authors? Should they jump aboard? Are the potential sales enough to justify the investment?

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Landing pages vs Home pages
May 26, 2013

Don’t Let Them Bounce

Be single minded about selling your services or products. While your homepage is a welcome mat, your landing page has one objective – targeted promotion and selling.

A standalone web page designed with a single focused objective is what you want. When they land on the page, you don’t want them bouncing away to another one before they’ve been converted. If they land on your home page, they’ll end up searching for the information that made them click to get to you in the first place. This is even more important if you’re running an ad campaign… ba boing.

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May 23, 2013

Facebook changes Cover rules

Before… no Calls to Action on your cover image. Now… you can have a call to action. The restrictions relating to sales/purchase/price information, company websites, calls-to-action or addresses have been removed. Still have to abide by the ‘no more than 20% text’ rule though.

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Optimising for Search Engines
May 21, 2013

How to optimise for search engines

I know. Search optimisation… it makes your head spin. Your website or blog goes live and you check Google to see your site ranking and you’re like Prince Charming searching for the owner of that damned shoe. Like Cinderella, it’s nowhere to be seen.

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