eBook daily deals and Flash sales have hit the eBook market with a bang. From Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals to Bookbub, the Nook’s Daily Find and Book Gorilla, emails are landing in inboxes loaded with the best eBook deals of the day, both  discounted and free for those readers savvy enough to sign up.

According to The New York Times Denis Lehane’s thriller Gone, Baby, Gone published in 1998, sold only 23 ebook copies on one day in May but when offered as a Kindle Daily Deal it sold 13,071 copies on the day of the promotion. Earlier this year, a crime novel by author Lorena McCourtney was included as a Nook Daily Find and the sales propelled it onto The New York Times best-seller list.

So where does that leave the indie authors? Should they jump aboard? Are the potential sales enough to justify the investment?

Bookbub sends out a daily email featuring time limited ebook discounts (essentially a paid advertorial newsletter) to more than one million people. They believe a “price promotion… can dramatically increase sales for both the discounted book as well as full-priced ones by the same author.” As an indie author, if you want to promote a deal through Bookbub, you’ll need to place a listing order with the relevant details: how much will it be discounted, what the price will be, the subscribers you’re targeting and where it’s available. Their editorial team will review the listing and if it’s approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing how to schedule and pay and their editorial team will take care of the rest. It’s not a slam dunk your ebook will be selected as they receive a large number of submissions and Bookbub’s listing prices aren’t necessarily cheap but it depends on which category and how much you want to discount.

Over at BookGorilla, “during the next four months, Kindle Nation Daily sponsors with qualifying book offers will receive free BookGorilla spots when they purchase a KND sponsorship for as little as $99.99.” BUT to qualify… “a title will have to be offered at a promotional price of no more than $1.99, and it will have to have an Amazon review rating of at least 4 stars on at least 4 reviews.” Advertising with BookGorilla means you have to meet three requirements: (1) frequency of appearance, (2) price and (3) quality but initially they’re offering low introductory prices.

As non-US authors have to go through Smashwords to be listed in Barnes & Noble, it might be somewhat difficult to get featured in Nook’s Daily Find  and as for the Kindle Daily Deal, I’ve been unable to find anything, anywhere that indicates how to get listed. I do know that indie authors have been listed but as to Amazon’s selection criteria, they’re holding it close to their chest.

And yet another one is BargainBooksy where authors can also include placement in the Deal of the Day section on Freebooksy.com.

Do flash sales work? By all accounts, yes and the ripple effect which boosts sales of the author’s other books makes it a very attractive proposition for indie authors to consider.