I’m sure your mother mentioned it when you were growing up, didn’t she? You always had to say ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’ and if you didn’t, you’d get a little nudge to remind you. If that didn’t jog your manners, you’d hear… “SAY ‘please’.”

The web is a place where thank you should be more important than please. If you read our post about landing pages, then you know you should be focused and single minded when it comes to selling your product or service. And after your visitor has graciously clicked, what do you say?

You say, thank you… and you say it the best way you know how.

Preferably with a dedicated page and not with a short message although a customised autoresponder to their inbox is also nice. Preferably both. You should be customising your thank you page and taking advantage of the fact that they’ve now landed on a page they wouldn’t have seen unless they subscribed, expressed an interest in an offer or bought something. So what do you put on a thank you page?

Well thank you for a start. Then tell them what to expect next. You could also include a video or add a hero image, ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, sign up for your blog, add links to popular content, a PDF download or slideshow presentation. A 10% discount off their next order or a time-limited coupon. Thank you pages always remind me of the surprises in cereal boxes when I was a kid. You’d open it up and woo hoo there’s an added bonus – cool.

When someone places an order at 27iD, they’re directed to a thank you page where there’s a free eBook they can download, links to posts and information I think an indie author would find interesting,  a shout out to sign up to our monthly newsletter, a client testimonial and a quick survey. The free ebook gives them an opportunity to review the quality of our work, the posts have useful information, the testimonial also reassures them we know what we’re doing, the survey tells us how they found us and the monthly newsletter is another way of keeping in touch.

For those who subscribe to our newsletter, I’ve set up a thank you page that tells them what to expect and when. For those who want to unsubscribe, I’ve also customised the page. You may as well be gracious and charming about it – you don’t know what people have on their plates and they may come back or decide not to unsubscribe after all. I’ve also created a thank you page for those who email using our contact form.

You’re already talking to someone who’s been interested enough to click once, so say thank you sincerely with a dedicated page and it’s likely they’ll come back for more.